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5 min readFeb 26, 2024

As a Chief of Staff, you’re likely accustomed to managing a heavy workload and juggling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis.

With so many meetings on your plate, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything while ensuring your team is aligned and making progress towards your shared goals.

With well-organized templates, you can easily structure your meetings, set clear goals, and keep your team focused on what matters most. By using these templates, you’ll solve losing time on agenda creation and struggling to keep your team on topic, allowing you to lead your team with confidence and efficiency.

Here are 5 meeting agenda templates for your next staff and strategy lead meetings:

  1. Staff Team Meeting Agenda
  2. Board Meeting Minutes Template
  3. Long, Medium and Short-Term Goals Meeting Template
  4. Strategic Planning Meeting Template
  5. Quarterly Performance Review Agenda Template

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Staff Team Meeting Agenda

  • ⬆️ Updates — News and announcements.
  • 📸 Big Picture — Where are we relative to our goals?
  • 📌 Priorities — What will everyone’s main focus be this week?
  • 🚧 Roadblocks — Any challenges/concerns?
  • 💬 Shoutouts — Who did something great recently?
  • ✅ Action Items — What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?
  • 📝 Notepad — Anything else to write down?

Board Meeting Minutes Template

  • Meeting details — Note the meeting type, date and time.
  • Roll call — Note the attendees in the meeting.
  • Old business — Key meeting minutes and decisions from the last board meeting.
  • New business — Include reports from officers, committees, or different board directors.
  • Action steps — Note any solutions or next steps discussed, with specific assignees and an approximate timeframe for completion.
  • Closing — End the board meeting by documenting information

Long, Medium and Short-Term Goals Meeting Template

  • Short-Term Goals — These are the goals that can be achieved within twelve months or less. As always, while they are the employee’s objectives, they should align with the company’s vision and mission.
  • Medium-Term Goals — List and discuss all the medium-term goals in this section. All the objectives that take from a couple of months to about five years go in this section, and this could include the employee pursuing another degree or learning a new skill, among others. These are important since they are a step up from the short-term goals.
  • Long-Term Goals — This is where you and your direct report discuss their long-term plan and objectives. These take longer than five years, and all the short-term and medium-term goals should build up to long-term goals.
  • ✅ Action Items — What are the steps the direct report is going to undertake to achieve the goals? How are you going to help them? Discuss all the action items, and establish the course of action.
  • 📝 Notepad — Ensure that everyone is happy and content with the outcome at the end of the meeting. If there are any pending items, they need to be handled so the employee can start working on the goals.
  • Conclusion — Holding a meeting to discuss the individual and team goals is critical for the growth of any company.

Strategic Planning Meeting Template

  • Welcome — Why are we developing this plan? What is the time frame for this plan?
  • Background statement — What information about your business is relevant to share?
  • Vision, values and mission statement — Reflect on the company’s vision, values and mission statement to ensure the planning aligns with the company priorities.
  • Problem statement — What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • SWOT analysis — Conduct a SWOT analysis to help formulate your strategy.
  • Define goals — What are you hoping to achieve? How are you hoping to achieve it?
  • Executive summary — Formulate a quick overview of your strategic plan.

Quarterly Performance Review Agenda Template

  • 360 Feedback — Shoutouts and suggestions for improvement from your fellow teammates.
  • Achievements — What are you most proud of this quarter?
  • Opportunities — What would you like to improve?
  • Feedback/Ideas — What could we (team/company) do better — what should we try?
  • Action Items — What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?

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